A New Face, Mister Bond? A New Face, Mister Bond?
A master-criminal, hell bent on bringing about international destruction, sits in his higher-backed leather chair, a maniacal laugh ringing all through his dimly lit... A New Face, Mister Bond?

A master-criminal, hell bent on bringing about international destruction, sits in his higher-backed leather chair, a maniacal laugh ringing all through his dimly lit workplace, the centre of his worldwide operations. He swivels gradually about in his chair to face upon the debonair spy’s face.

“So, Mister Bond. Our paths cross when once more. But this time I have the benefit more than you. Inform me, do you truly not recognise me with my new face?”

The notion of a brand new face may well when have seemed completely in the realms of a James Bond film, but currently it is not such a fantastical notion.

No longer observed as a red flag of vanity practiced beneath cloak and dagger circumstances upon these travelling the glitter-dusted path of the wealthy and fame-hungry celebrity set additional and additional men and women see no shame in obtaining had some type of facial cosmetic surgery carried out. Unless, of course, you name takes place to be Michael Jackson.

But joking aside, the possibilities now exist to entirely adjust the facial look of anyone who has the dollars to spend for it.

Today there are so numerous diverse procedures and combinations that can be carried out, from the subtle, such as eyelid reduction (canthoplasty), to one particular of the most well-liked types of plastic surgery out there, the facelift (rhytidectory) that it is additional and additional and frequent for men and women from all walks of life to have operate performed and inform their pals and family members about it. This is testament to the newfound status of social acceptability that the plastic surgery business now enjoys.

As the face is typically the very first factor that men and women notice when they meet, it is no surprise that in a planet obsessed by people’s perception of beauty these facial procedures have develop into so well-liked. As pointed out above, a rhytidectory, or the facelift – along with liposuction and breast enlargement – is the most requested type of plastic surgery there is. It requires the removal and smoothing of the excess skin that causes wrinkles and the look of aging in the face. Occasionally the underlying tissue is also tightened to improve the general impact.

Rhinoplasty, or the ‘nose job’, requires the reshaping of the nose. This, as opposed to a facelift can be for either aesthetic or reconstructive causes. The appear of the nose is typically altered by the manipulation of the cartilage or in some circumstances bone taken from a further portion of the physique, typically the ribs. It has lengthy been the favourite of the Hollywood star and these in the public eye seeking to appropriate what they see as imperfections.

Facelifts and nosejobs are the simply the very best recognized of all the facial cosmetic surgery procedures, due largely to their prevalence amongst the showbiz set. In these circumstances it is typically accepted that they are solely for aesthetic – or vanity – causes.

But it does not finish there. There are surgical procedures for each conceivable aspect of the face. These involve blepharoplasty, which is the removal of the fat, the excess muscle, and the skin that bring about unsightly bags beneath the eyes. There is otoplasty, which is the reshaping or correction of protruding ears. Chin augmentation, exactly where, as with the breast, implants are utilised to structure and produce a stronger chin. It also functions in the converse with a chin reduction. Each are normally carried out in conjunction with rhinoplasty to sustain the aesthetic balance of the facial structure.

So the subsequent time you locate your plans for planet domination have been narrowly averted by an interfering British spy with prepared access to a devastating arsenal of off-the-cuff one particular-liners there is no want to be concerned about what your operate colleagues may possibly believe of you come Monday morning. Contemporary facial surgery procedures imply that ought to you want you can adjust your look and return to the day job with your head – and face – held higher.